2017 MCSI Data added to the Website !

Thank you once more to all our volunteers who spent hours in sunshine, wind and rain collecting Chimney Swift data in 2017. The fruits of your labours can be found in two datasets which we uploaded to the MCSI website today.

The first of these is the National Roost Monitoring Program (NRMP) dataset. This dataset includes all data collected during four set evenings joining other volunteers across eastern Canada. The data collected by our volunteers has been submitted to Environment and Climate Change Canada in Quebec. We have also added the additional MCSI three night results to this dataset. It should be noted as well that the evenings of May 28 and June 9 had terrible weather, hence the low numbers of counts (and low numbers of birds where counting took place). Here is the link .

The second dataset is a summary of all chimneys monitored between 2014 and 2017 (for 2007-2014 seeĀ https://www.mbchimneyswift.com/Documents/2014_sites.pdf). The figure in the lefthand column for each year represents the largest number of birds seen entering the chimney in that year, the columns following include a note on whether we could determine if the chimney was used for nesting or just roosting, the known status of a nesting attempt and finally the date and details of the high count for that year. You can take a look at this data by clicking here.

Spreadsheets can be amended and documents can be re-uploaded to the website so please, if you have any additional data to submit please do so. Also, we have tried to be as accurate as possible when recording your data but occasional mistakes do happen when dealing with large amounts of data from multiple sources. If you spot any missing or misrepresented data please let us know and again we can amend. The important thing is for us to have the most accurate and up to date dataset possible.

Finally, thank you once more for everyone who made 2017 such a special monitoring year for the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative. You can see just by looking at the number of sites monitored in 2017 that this has been an absolutely phenomenal year.

By the way, we have updated our Monitoring Results page to include links to new information from the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Manitoba. you should take a look…

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