A Gentle Reminder

Tomorrow, Sunday May 28, is the next designated monitoring night in the National Roost Monitoring Program.

Just in case you need a reminder, watch your chimney for one hour before sunset to 1/2 hour after sunset; record the time of every entry or exit event; note the number of swifts seen during the entry and exit events.  Sunset will be 9:23 PM in Winnipeg.

The remaining observation nights are June 1, June 5, and June 9.

Happy chimney-gazing!

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The Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative (MCSI) aims to understand the causes behind the decline in Chimney Swift populations and help reverse the trend.

One thought on “A Gentle Reminder”

  1. This evening (Sunday 28 May) I watched 3 chimneys in my neighbourhood from 8:25 to 9:15. Two birds were seen in the air, one of which entered the chimney at 1010 Brazier at 8:35. A second bird entered that chimney at 8:42. Neither bird reappeared. The other two chimneys were not visited by any birds and no other birds were seen or heard after 8:42, so I left early. The rather cold, breezy and overcast conditions were no doubt responsible for the birds “turning in” early.

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