Resources and Links

Publications from the MCSI
steering committee:

Guidelines for Creating Chimney Swift Nesting or Roosting Chimneys in Manitoba (revised April 2016)

Factsheet #1: ‘Chimney Swift: Manitoba’s Flying Cigar’. This describes the ecology, life-cycle, Manitoban range and conservation of the Chimney Swift. Version française

Factsheet #2: ‘Are Chimney Swifts Using My Chimney?’ A pertinent question! Descriptions and illustrations tell home and business owners how they might discover if their chimney is a home for Chimney Swifts. Version française

Factsheet #3: ‘Become a Chimney Swift Champion’. This gives people a taste of how they might ‘champion’ the conservation of Chimney Swifts as home or business owners and/or volunteers. Version française

MCSI Resources for volunteer monitors:

MCSI Monitoring Protocol (2017 version)– This should be used for any Manitoba observations made throughout the season, outside of the designated national survey nights (see below).

National Roost Monitoring Program (NRMP) protocol for 2017 — use on May 20 (MCSI ), May 24,  May 28;  June 1, June 5 and June 9 (MCSI).


Quick reference guide to monitoring

2017 Monitoring form (pdf ) — 2017 Monitoring form (MS Word)

Chimney Assessment form (pdf ) — Chimney Assessment form (MS Word)

Dashboard Placard (pdf) to identify you as a volunteer

Some Books about Chimney Swifts

Chimney Swifts: America’s Mysterious Birds above the Fireplace
152 pp., 41 color photos., 4 b&w photos., 28 line drawings., Map.
Pub Date: 2005

Chimney Swift Towers: New Habitat for America’s Mysterious Birds
96 pp., 36 b&w photos., 13 line drawings.  Pub Date: 2005

Primary Publications

The conservation of chimneys used by Chimney Swifts in London, Ontario, 2004 to 2015 by Winifred Wake from Ontario Birds (August 2017). Our thanks to author Winifred Wake and Ontario Birds.

Loss of Chimneys Used by Chimney Swifts in London Ontario, 2004-2013 by
Winifred Wake from The Cardinal #243 (May, 2016). Our thanks to author Winifred Wake and The Cardinal.

Loss and preservation of  Chimney Swift Habitat in Manitoba, 2007-2016 by Robert E.A, Stewart, Timothy F. Poole, Christian Artuso, and Barbara E. Stewart  from Blue Jay (Summer 2017)

Nest Site Use, Breeding Success, And Reproductive Rates of Chimney Swifts In St. Adolphe ,MB 2010-2103 by Barbara E. Stewart and Robert E.A.Stewart from Blue Jay (December 2013)

Nest Site Use and Breeding Success of Chimney Swifts in St Adolphe by Barbara Stewart and Robert E.A. Stewart from Blue Jay (September 2010)

Other Articles

2017 St Adolphe Nest Site Outcomes by Barbara Stewart

2016 St Adolphe Nest Site Outcomes by Barbara Stewart

2015 St Adolphe Nest Site Outcomes by Barbara Stewart

2014 St Adolphe Nest Site Outcomes by Barbara Stewart

St. Adolphe 2013 Summary prepared by Barbara Stewart (September 2013)

The Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative: A Swift Look at 2012 and 2013 by Frank Machovec from Nature Manitoba News May/June 2013

St. Adolphe 2012 Summary  prepared by Barbara Stewart (September 2012)

St. Adolphe 2011 Summary  prepared by Barbara Stewart (September 2011)

Chimney-watching a passion in St. Adolphe by Grant Buhr (The Carillon newspaper, August 25, 2011)

Monitoring of a chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica) roost site in
Dauphin, Manitoba, utilizing a Reconyx game trail camera by Ken Wainwright (April 2011)

St. Adolphe 2010 Summary  prepared by Barbara Stewart (November 2010)

Historic Saint Adolphe: Chimney Swift Nesting Capital of Manitoba by Barb Stewart from Nature Manitoba News (Jan. / Feb. 2011)

Have Chimney Swifts Been Nesting in My Chimney? prepared by Barbara Stewart (August 2010)

The Plight of the Chimney Swift by Laurel McDonald from Nature Manitoba News July/August 2010

St. Adolphe 2009 Summary  prepared by Barbara Stewart of SILA Consultants

2010 Chimney Swift Watch Fact Sheet courtesy of McIlwraith Field Naturalists in London. Ontario

Information for Landlords of Chimney Swifts courtesy of Winifred Wake for London SwiftWatch, an initiative of the McIlwraith Field Naturalists of London, Ontario, April 23, 2010

What In The World Is That Sound?  from the Driftwwod Wildlife Association (no date)

Summary of Swift Activity in St. Adolphe during 2008

A Summary of Swift Activity in St. Adolphe during 2007

Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative by Mike Quigley from the April 2007 MNS Bulletin

Chimney Swift Stewardship by Venika Kanya from the November 2006 MNS Bulletin

Some videos of swift activity (YouTube)

Fledgling executing a missed approach to the St. Adolphe Church chimney (August 2015)

Chimney Swifts at the Assiniboine School in Winnipeg (September 2014)

Chimney Swifts at a roost in Kingston ON (May 2014) by B and R Stewart (3 minutes)

Down the chimney at Club Amical in Saint Adolphe MB (September 2007) by Ron Bazin and Mike Quigley. (47 seconds)

Some entries and exits of Chimney Swifts at Club Amical in Saint Adolphe, MB. The video was taken in 2007 and is courtesy of the Stewarts. (2 minutes 12 seconds)

Reports for grants received
by the MCSI project:

2013 report: Endangered Species and Biodiversity Fund
2011 Final report: Eco-Action Community Funding Program
2011 Final report: Sustainable Development Innovations Fund
2009 Final report: Eco-Action Community Funding Program
2008 Final report: Sustainable Development Innovations Fund

Some Swift Links

The Chimney Swift…coming to a chimney near you Environment Canada
Chimney Swift ConservationAudubon Minnesota
Chimney Swift webcama live feed from a nest in Glenham NY
Chimney Swift Recovery page at Nature North
Chimney Swift Species Profile at Species at Risk Registry
Chimney Swifts – All About Birds at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Chimney Swift at Wikipedia
Ontario Swiftwatch (Driftwood Wildlife Association)
Hilton Pond Center (South Carolina)
Manitoba Species At Risk Page
Maritimes SwiftWatch
Robie Tufts Nature centre (Nova Scotia)
Saskatchewan Swift Initiative
YouTube videos about chimney swifts